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Danderyds Handyman is a company in the construction-section, without limits!

Yes, it's true, we can help you with pretty much anything. No task is to big or to small for us!

Do you need help with gardening, no problem, we can do that!

Do you need hel to rebuild your house, for sure we can help you with that too.

So please don't hesitate contacting us to find out how we may help you, doing what we do best!


For inquriesplease fill out the form on the right, we will come back to you as soon as possible, please leave your phonenr and please note that we only carry out work in the area of Danderyd

Who we are...


Danderyds handyman started in 2006 and the founder and owner of the company is Matt Stone, a new-zeelander whom moved to Sweden because of love and now lives here since 2005 with his wife and two kids. Today we have about 8 employes and carry out work in everything from gardening to construction, plumbing to tiling.